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Training of Medical Professionals

Undergraduate teaching - MBChB
The Division actively participates in facilitation of Problem Based Learning for MBChB students as well as in integrated teaching now adopted by the faculty for senior medical students. Members of the Division have been actively involved in the review of this programme. Teaching activities include lectures, tutorials, seminars, practicals and computer-based learning. Computer based practicals are now being offered. The Health Sciences Faculty has introduced an intercalated molecular medicine course in the 3rd year of study, to allow students to take a year off between 3rd and 4th year in order to complete a BSc (Hons). The Division has been contributing to the design of this intercalated course. The Division continues to offer modules and contributes to teaching a molecular techniques course in the BSc (Med) honours programme in the School of Biomedical Sciences.

M.Med in Pathology (Microbiology) - MM001LAB23 (Training of Registrars)
Our department offers training to registrars specialising in Medical Microbiology, as well as to those studying Clinical Pathology. In addition we offer 6 month rotations to registrars in Infectious Diseases. Our registrars gain knowledge and experience through daily laboratory bench work and participation in on-call rosters. They also attend regular departmental meetings and journal clubs, as well as ward rounds and clinical meetings.  There is a structured program of tutorials, as well as opportunities to attend specialized short courses offered by the NHLS and NICD. Registrars are required to complete an M.Med degree, including a dissertation. Our curriculum is continually updated to comply with the requirements of the College of Medicine of South Africa and the Health Professions Council of South Africa. We provide regular assessments and feedback to registrars in training, and have an excellent success rate in College of Medicine examinations. 
For more information please contact Dr Colleen Bamford or refer to the Faculty of Health Sciences Handbook .

Training of Scientists

BSc(Med) (Hons) in Infectious Diseases and Immunology - LAB4004W

The Division of Medical Microbiology plays an active role in the training of BSc (Med) Honours students as part of the Infectious Diseases and Immunology programme. The prerequisite for admission is as stipulated in the Faculty of Health Sciences Handbook. Students are trained on a range of molecular techniques, attend various theoretical modules, conduct a research project, write exams and submit a thesis in partial fulfilment for the requirement of the degree.
For more information regarding this Honours programme please contact Professor Carolyn Williamson


BSc(Med)(Hons) booklet for 2015  »


MSc(Med) Master of Science in Medicine - MM095

The MSc(Med) programme in the division of Medical Microbiology is by dissertation only. Students usually contact the prospective supervisor and design a research project with a detailed plan and timelines. The student and the supervisor are required to agree on the plan and to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The Departmental Research committee for the Department of Pathology has guidelines for the students regarding submissions and review of research proposals.
For the admission requirements to the programme please refer to the Faculty of Health Sciences Handbook 
For more information regarding the MSc programme please contact Dr Widaad Zemanay or the prospective supervisor.

Doctor of Philosophy - MD001
See info for MSc(Med) above